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Your calling…..!

We are all called, and we are all following some kind of calling. The question is, “who has called you?”
A calling from God is unshakeable!
We are all pregnant with something (male and female). When the labour pains start and you have to answer the call, you will be amazed at who discourages you. When a woman is in labour, her first thought when the indescribable pain kicks in, is to change her mind. Soon after that, she realizes it’s not an option and she has to push to deliver
The first people surprisingly enough who will not support you or encourage you are the ones very close to you. This is the part where most people give up, because it can become very intimidating. Like a woman in labour, you need to rise above this and say I have to push and deliver, otherwise this thing will kill me if it does not come out.
It will kill you if you do not push, and I mean push with everything that you have in you. Believe me, you only truly become alive when you are pursuing your calling.
What is God calling you to do? Only you can do it! You have been created a certain way, especially for this. You look like that, talk like that, think like that, where born where you were born etc You are wired this specific way to accomplish it.
Once you have passed the hurdle of the discouraging close ones, it’s definitely not a time to relax, but I think the other hurdles are less painful.
From the pictures I got last week. This little girl somehow stood out. She was not the saddest looking, nor the poorest from all that I saw, but she screamed the loudest to me, “Help me,”
I wonder what her calling is?


We all at some point have gone astray….

I guess it is part of the journey and the calling. My sister told me today that the boy Clement that we took off the streets has run away. We had high hopes for him. Our plans for him were not to harm him but to prosper him.
It kind of reminds me of how we also run away from God and insist on returning to habits, people etc that obviously will ultimately harm us.
I will pray for Clement and hope he returns.

My sister Martha found a lovely boy called Clement on the streets.

We will keep him and care for him until someone comes looking for him. I love him already though I have not yet met him.



Sunday was great





Martha left for Zambia on 4 th of May 2014.